If you have a group that is interested in volunteering with Habitat and would like to have further information you can click on the following links below or you can schedule a Habitat representative to come and speak to your group. Call our office at 541-779-1983 or email habitatvc@roguevalleyhabitat.org

Giving Back to the Community


The Team Building program gives Habitat and your company an opportunity to partner in a truly significant and meaningful way. Build on the positive public perception of your organization by associating with Habitat for Humanity. Build visibility as working on a Habitat house is a community event that draws media attention. In addition, build morale by demonstrating your company’s commitment to our community.


What does the Team Building program consist of?


1) SUPPORT: The Team Building program is an opportunity for Jackson County businesses to use their pledges, gifts, and talents to house families in the area. We understand that business’ range both in size and their ability to financially support this mission. Habitat for Humanity wants to extend an invitation to anyone who is interested in supporting our mission.

2) LABOR: Over 2,000 hours of volunteer labor goes into the building of one Habitat home. Team Builders are asked to provide volunteer construction crews. Volunteers can be skilled or unskilled. Must be 16 years of age or older to volunteer on our construction sites. 

Please click on the following links to view House Sponsorship options and for Team Building Partnership options.





If you are interested in joining Habitat’s Team Building Program please contact Denise James, Executive Director, at 541-779-1983 or email djames@roguevalleyhabitat.org


Women Build 2019 was a great success! A big "Thank You" to everyone who participated this year. Together our Women Build 2019 crew raised over $6,000 for House #67 in Medford.

Mark your calendars for March of 2020 when we will be launching another year of our successful Women Build Program. 

If the Women Build Program is brand new to you, click the pink button below to view the Women Build Handbook from our 2019 program and all of the different ways that you can be involved.

If the Women Build Program is brand new to you, click the pink button to view the Women Build Handbook from our 2019 program and all of the different ways that you can be involved. 2017, 2018 and 2019 were fantastic years for our program and we are very excited to grow BIG in 2020. If you would like to join our list to be contacted about Women Build 2020, call our office at 541-779-1983!

Women Build Clinic schedule will be announced in early 2020.

Nichole Meagher and her family are the partner family for our current Women Build project, house #67 in Medford! To learn more about the Meagher family and what this home will mean to them, jump over to the families tab and read their bio. To track progress of their current build, watch for updates on the current projets tab or social media. 


What is the Apostles Build Project?


The Apostles Build is a partnership that allows twelve (or more) individual churches to join together to build and fund a home for a local family. As Jesus’ original apostles were charged with spreading the word about Him, our twelve apostles are charged with assisting in Habitat’s mission to provide shelter for God’s children.

How can your church get involved?


PRAYER- We believe in the power of prayer to help us build on faith.
LABOR- Over 2,000 volunteer hours go into building each home and over 400 volunteers.
MEALS- For the volunteers on the days of service.
SPONSORSHIP- There are four levels of partnership to accommodate all church sizes and budgets!

What does Habitat Provide?


  • Building site, house plans, materials

  • Carefully selected homeowner/partner family

  • Construction supervision, instruction, and training on the job-site (no building experience is necessary).

  • Assistance and support with church awareness and fund-raising efforts.


For more information and/or to schedule a meeting with us to discuss this opportunity further, please contact: Denise James, Executive Director at 541-779-1983 or email her at djames@roguevalleyhabitat.org


Habitat is seeking volunteers to join our Youth Programs Committee, if interested please contact our Volunteer Manager at (541)-779-1983 or email her at habitatvc@roguevalleyhabitat.org



Rogue Valley Habitat for Humanity’s youth programs capture the imagination, energy and hope of young people, ages 5-18, in Jackson County in order to productively and responsibly involve them as leaders in the work of Habitat.

Youth Involvement:


Habitat offers young people one of the best opportunities available to put faith into action, to work in partnership with diverse groups of people.


If you want to host a fundraiser or benefit on behalf of Habitat for Humanity Rogue Valley there are many simple, quick ways to do so. Please view the Youth Involvement Catalog for more information.


Senior Student Projects


If you’re a local High School senior and you still need to get that Senior Project done, Habitat offers many different kinds of volunteer projects set aside especially for High School seniors.


If you need further information or would like to speak to someone about individual youth volunteering or youth groups, please contact our Volunteer Manager at (541)-779-1983 or habitatvc@roguevalleyhabitat.org

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