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Habiview Subdivision

The Subdivision

The Habiview Subdivision is an ongoing development initiative aimed at enhancing neighborhood connectivity and expanding housing availability in Medford. The project entails constructing a new residential street traversing the currently vacant lot at 1900 Grandview Avenue, which will link Alcan Drive and Kerry Drive. This strategic road addition will improve navigation and accessibility within the neighborhood. It will also create space to construct new homes by increasing the availability of affordable housing solutions for families in the area. A core objective of the Habiview Subdivision is to provide beautiful, secure community living in Medford. Through thoughtful planning and execution, this endeavor strives to cultivate a delightful environment where families can thrive.

The Homes

The Habiview Subdivision will welcome multiple new homes within the Grandview lot. This partnership underscores our commitment to providing quality, affordable housing solutions that empower families to achieve their dreams of homeownership through a tailored path.


The future residents of these Habitat homes will have the unique opportunity to invest sweat equity by actively participating in the construction process alongside volunteers. This hands-on involvement fosters a profound sense of pride and accomplishment. Upon completion, families will secure their homes through an affordable 30-year mortgage, ensuring sustainable monthly costs. Furthermore, they will contribute to the community by paying regular property taxes, promoting the neighborhood's long-term growth and stability.


This innovative homeownership model, facilitated by our valued partners at Habitat for Humanity, encapsulates the core values that define the Habiview Subdivision. We are dedicated to empowering hardworking families, cultivating a profound connection between residents and their homes, and championing a spirit of community engagement. With this inclusive approach, we aim to create a warm, supportive environment where families can firmly plant their roots and thrive for generations to come.

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The Community
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At the heart of the Habiview Subdivision lies a profound commitment to cultivating a warm, inclusive community where residents can truly feel they belong. This welcoming neighborhood strives to be a shining example of sustainable living practices through thoughtful integration of energy-efficient home designs.

Ideally situated in the vibrant North Medford area, Habiview offers families a privileged address within a well-established community.

Residents will enjoy convenient proximity to an array of urban amenities, including top-rated schools, diverse shopping, and dining destinations, as well as lively commercial hubs brimming with local businesses and eateries. Despite its premier location, the neighborhood maintains a tranquil, family-friendly atmosphere that perfectly blends suburban comfort with urban vibrancy.

The developers of Habiview have approached this project with a holistic mindset, aiming to craft an exceptional living experience that prioritizes environmental stewardship, fosters a strong sense of community pride, and provides a nurturing atmosphere for families to thrive. With its prime location, sustainable ethos, and unparalleled amenities, this exceptional new subdivision will fit perfectly within the heart of Medford.

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